Music to watch to

Music to watch to is an ongoing series of compositions that explore the archetype of music created or curated to accompany a specific activity (e.g. lo-fi beats to study to). In this case, each piece invites the audience to view a specific part of the natural world. Each composition is created using a generative algorithm built in […]

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Recursive Rain (Album)

Recursive Rain by The Paper Chords Released in November 2020, Recursive Rain comprises a curated collection of performances, recordings & sonic experiments dating from 2019 – 2020. Composition & Production – Peter BellElectric Piano – Oliver Farrow // Samples – ODNI // (YouTube)

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Song of Fives | Code & Ensemble

Peter Bell · Song of Fives (excerpt) – Code & LEAP Ensemble Song of Fives was written for RBC LEAP Ensemble to demonstrate coded music in an ensemble context. The piece was performed as part of a workshop for secondary school children at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Instrumentation: Code(Laptop), Fl, Cl, Tpt, Tbn, Vln, Vla,

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Beyond the Window (EP)

Beyond The Window by wilson the person, Peter Bell Made in collaboration with Wilson the Person. Two composers that came from two completely different sound worlds met for 3 days to collaborate on this EP in the summer of 2017. The result is a collage of sound that smashed together that may trigger nostalgia, homage,

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