Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (Visiting Tutor)

Teaching classes for 1st and 2nd Year undergraduates with a focus on DIY live electronic and algorithmic music.

Plugin – Quench Arts (Young Music Leader)

“A free creative music-making project for young inpatients aged 12-25, focused on using music technology to achieve musical and wellbeing outcomes. The project aims to build participants’ self-esteem, help them connect with others and encourage them to express their feelings and emotions through music.”

Young Composers Project (Guest Artist/Workshop Leader)

“The Young Composers Project (YCP) is a scheme set up by Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and composers Kirsty Devaney and Joe Cutler, to support young creative music makers in the Midlands UK. We run courses and workshops where students work closely with professional and Conservatoire composers and musicians to develop new music.”

Other Projects

Discover Telford Film (Edu)
Soundtrack composed in collaboration with Old Park Primary school & InHarmony Telford. The majority of the music comprises samples and
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Song of Fives – RBC LEAP Ensemble
Written for a Digital Music Lab workshop day run by the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Learning and Participation Dept. The day
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