Balls – Collaboration w/ Rob Roberts

Created in collaboration with composer Rob Roberts.

Balls was created as part of a two day workshop with Matteo Fargion. The piece uses the score from Elenor/Flora Music (based on Both Sitting Duet) as basis for exploring the use of choreography as composition/music.

Beyond the Window – EP

EP composed, and recorded over a weekend in July 2017 in collaboration with Wilson The Person.

The EP is constructed from found material in and around my living room where we recorded.

Come join our ensemble – Vivid Trip

Day long installation at Vivd Projects as part of Vivid Trip and the No Frontiers Festival 2017. 1st April. 2017.

Members of the public were invited to join an electronic jam session governed by an electronic system of sampling and re-sampling.

In collaboration with LACO.

featuring… the cow from the OP-1