The quiet street where old ghosts meet + ‘and time will take it’s toll’ // 2022
Modular Synthesizer
New versions of existing pieces created for a performance at Birmingham Modular Org

Map Music // 2022
Max MSP & Modular Synthesizer

Music To Watch Grey Skies To (ft. ONDI & Vallé) // 2022
part of ‘Music to watch to…’ series

Music To Watch Snow Melt To (ft. Vallé) // 2021
part of ‘Music to watch to…’ series

Installation / Performance

Wednesday Club Live in Concert // 2022
as part of Wednesday Club

SKIN – International Women’s Day // 2020
Collaboration w/ Emily Abdy, George West, James Abel

rm.2: Fragmentary // 2019
as part of rm.2 (Room 2)

CODA 2019 Performance // 2019
Collaboration w/ George West, James Abel

Responsible Consumption and Production // 2017
for A Waste Land (Exhibition)
Collaboration w/ George West, James Abel

Balls // 2017
Collaboration w/ Rob Roberts

Come join our ensemble // 2017
Collaboration w/ LACO

Solo / Duo

Drift Box // 2018
Violin and Synthesiser
Written for Leonie Plummer

Feedback Loop in Multiple Parts // 2018Percussion and Electronics
Written for Stephen Plummer

Liverpool Text Jam // 2017
Mezzo-soprano (with a Liverpudlian accent) and piano
Written for Molly Wildsmith

8 Poems and a Traveller’s Tale // 2017
Piano and Electronics
Written for Fumiko Miyachi. Vocal recordings by Chalcedony Williams

The quiet street where old ghosts meet // 2016
Piano 4 hands
Written for CoMA Summer School

Small Ensemble

overheard while ordering coffee // 2022
Marimba x2, Vibraphone x2 and electronics

OrganMusic // 2018
Site specific work for Orgelpark, Amsterdam

Several Softly Songs // 2017
Sax Quartet (s.sax, a.sax, t.sax, b.sax)
Written for Carnelian Saxophone Quartet

Stormness Head // 2016
Brass Quintet (crt, crt, flg, t.hn, euph)

Shipwreck Wanderers // 2016
sop, vln, melodica, bouzouki, elec

The Golden Age of Asgard // 2015
String Quartet (vln, vln, vla, vcl)
Written for Le Page Ensemble

Large Ensemble

Paper Chords // 2018
vln, t.rec, cl, a.sax, tbn, perc, pno, e.gtr, e.bass
Written for Decibel

Song of Fives // 2017
elec (code), fl, cl, tpt, tbn, vln, vla, vcl, drms, pno, e.bass
Written for RBC Leap Ensemble

Navigations // 2016
cl, s.sax, tpt, tbn, perc, perc, vcl, db
Written for Thallein Ensemble

The Alleged Lilac // 2016
fl, cl, tpt, b.sax, perc, hp, pno, vl, vcl, db
Written for Thallein Plus Ensemble

Flexible / Open Score

Broken c-stand // 2018
Written for RBC Creative Ensemble

EnsembleMusic // 2018
Written for New European Ensemble

3 Wheels and a Pyramid // 2017
Gamelan Ensemble

as a Performer

Velcro Piece – Alexander Kaniewski // 2022

The Language of Love – Tanna Chamberlain // 2022

Electronic Collaborations

Just Ham Live at Quietest Sounds // 2018
as part of Just Ham

Just Ham Live from the Moog Lab // 2018
as part of Just Ham

Just Ham Live at Centrala // 2018
as part of Just Ham

Symphony No.7 // 2017
as part of Just Ham 

The Adventures of Sam Space // 2017
Created for Flatpack Film FestivalCollaboration w/ Graeme Rose as part of Just Ham


Recursive Rain – Album (released under the name ‘The Paper Chords’) // 2020

Hidden – Single // 2018

Collections One – EP // 2017
as part of Just Ham

Beyond the Window – EP // 2017
Collaboration w/ wilson the person

Theatre Productions

The Hostage // 6th – 9th Dec, 2018
@ Patrick Centre (Birmingham Hippodrome)
Co-composer w/ Rob Roberts
Dir: Jake Murray
Prd: RBC Theatre Company

Phedra // 22nd – 24th June, 2017
@ Cresent Theatre, Birmingham
Co-composer w/ Dani Blanco
Dir: Gareth Somers
Prd: RBC Theatre Company

Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off // 22nd- 25th March, 2017
@ Crescent Theatre Studio, Birmingham
Dir: Erica Gould
Prd: RBC Theatre Company

Cymbeline (E. Rice) // 19th – 22nd Oct, 2016
@ Crescent Theatre Studio, Birmingham
Dir: Malachi Bogdanov
Prd: RBC Theatre Company

Romeo & Juliet // 24th – 27th Feb, 2016
@ Patrick Centre (Birmingham Hippodrome)
Dir: Hal Chambers
Prd: RBC Theatre Company


Discover Telford // 2018
Created w/ Group from In Harmony Telford

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