Phedra – Birmingham School of Acting

Phedra by Jean Racine, translated by Robert David MacDonald. Directed by Gareth Somers.

Performed 22nd – 24th June, 2017 at the Cresent Theatre, Birmingham.

Music by Dani Blanco and Peter Bell.

Band: Dani Blanco (Various), Peter Bell (Bouzouki, Frame Drum).

The music for the show was a mix of rich soundscapes by Dani and live improvised textures by both of us.

The Liverpool Text Jam – Voice

Written for Soprano Molly Wildsmith.

Takes text describing Molly’s home city of Liverpool and transforms it using a series of processes.

Requires a Liverpudlian accent.

Come join our ensemble – Vivid Trip

Day long installation at Vivd Projects as part of Vivid Trip and the No Frontiers Festival 2017. 1st April. 2017.

Members of the public were invited to join an electronic jam session governed by an electronic system of sampling and re-sampling.

In collaboration with LACO.

featuring… the cow from the OP-1

Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off – Birmingham School of Acting

Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off by Liz Lochhead. Directed by Erica Gould.

Performed 22nd- 25th March, 2107 at the Crescent Theatre Studio, Birmingham.

Music by Peter Bell.

Band: Peter Bell (Bouzouki/Electronics/Perc), Ben Morriss (Percussion), Stephen Plummer (Percussion).

The music for the show was dark tapestry of recorded fiddle with live electronics and percussion.

Navigations – Thallein Ensemble

Written for Birmingham Conservatoire’s Thallein Ensemble. Conducted by Richard Baker.

Premiered at the CBSO Centre as part of a concert featuring the work of Michael Oesterle. 18th Nov, 2016.

Instrumentation: Cl, Sop. Sax, Tpt, Tbn, Clv, Clv, Vlc, Db.

Review of the concert… here.

Cymbeline – Birmingham School of Acting

Cymbeline adapted by Emma Rice, written by Carl Grose. Directed by Malachi Bogdanov.

Performed 19th – 22nd Oct, 2016 at the Crescent Theatre Studio, Birmingham.

Original music composed, recorded and produced by Peter Bell.