Most recent projects…

Responsible Consumption and Production
Responsible Consumption and Production Created and performed by George West, James Abel & Peter Bell. Performed 5th February 2019 at
Discover Telford Film (Edu)
Soundtrack composed in collaboration with Old Park Primary school & InHarmony Telford. The majority of the music comprises samples and
Just Ham live from the Moog Lab
Improvised performance livestreamed on 29th May 2018 The setup… Laptop sending out global midi clock and cv ramps (pure data)
Hidden by Peter Bell A heavily edited electronic improvisation created using VCV Rack.
EnsembleMusic – New European Ensemble
Performed on 6th April at Orgelpark, Amsterdam. Semi-graphic open score. Background textures created by internal mechanisms of the organs.
OrganMusic – Orgelpark, Amsterdam
Site specific work written for 3 organs at Orgelpark, Amsterdam. Each organ is at a different pitch and tuned differently.
Paper Chords – Decibel
Written for Ed Bennett’s Decibel Ensemble. Premiered at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, 7th March, 2018. Instrumentation: Vln, Tre. Rec, Cl,
Just Ham Live at Centrala, Birmingham.
Taken from the event promotional material… Electronic music duo Just Ham will be debuting their live show at Centrala, Birmingham
Feedback Loop in Multiple Parts – Perc & Electronics
Written for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s Mics and Lights concerts at Centrala. Collaboration with percussionist Stephen Plummer. Part 1: 17th
Symphony No.7 – Just Ham
Just Ham’s take on the Symphony. Used the opening chord of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony time-stretched to be 10 minutes long.